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Vizhan Investments has been involved in Marketing and Finalizing deals of various Commercial and Real Estate products, in addition to, providing Financial Solutions for various clients on different occasions that includes:


  • Attaining MOU for Land Acquisition for DHA Project in Islamabad.
  • Attaining MOU for Land Acquisition for DHA Project in Lahore.
  • Negotiated Deal with DHA MOU Holder for Investment with Foreign Investor. (Name cannot be disclosed because Land Acquisition is still in progress)
  • Negotiated Deal with another DHA MOU Holder for Investment with Local and Foreign Investor. (Again Name of DHA phase cannot be disclosed because Land Acquisition is still in progress)
  • Some DHA large scale projects that are available for Joint Venture and Sale are being negotiated and have been sold by us.


  • Arranging Cretid Line through an Interantional Consortium for various Industrial Manufacturers and Pakistani Banks Like NBP, U-Bank, ZTBL, Khushali Bank. etc
  • Currently Negotiating and Finalizing Deals with some Local Real Estate Companies for Financing and Funding of applicable Construction Costs through International Monetary Institutions and Consortiums.
  • Managed deals with some Local Land Owners for Land Acquisition with DHA Valley. Some deals are still in progress.
  • Managing Renewable Energy deal with an international firm to install Solar light over Pakistan-Afghan Border.
Current Engagements

Recently Signed Consultancy Agreement with AAA Associates and Pak-Japan Builder for Construction of Five Star Hotel that is Pearl Continental OCTA Karachi and Islamabad and 60 plus Stories Serviced Apartments Tower in Islamabad with approximate Construction Costs of 90 Million USD and 120 Million USD respectively. The construction of these projects is completed on Deferred Payment by our Global Contractor firms which are secured through Bank Guarantee. The Vizhan also expedites Bank Guarantees for the Clients.

We are also in final stages of negotiations with couple of groups for another 500 Million USD Construction Projects in Pakistan and a Five Star Hotel in UAE.

We have three very renowned, well reputed and globally recognized Construction Companies on our Panel which have loads of experience in all sorts of construction work that is from Airports, Dams, Motorways and Nuclear Power Plants to Skyscrapers which can complete the construction work for our Clients on deferred payments.

It is our privilege that, Vizhan Investments have been involved in providing various above mentioned deals to our valued clients which includes:
  • DHA Phase (ABC). Phase cannot be disclosed
  • DHA Phase (XYZ). Phase cannot be disclosed
  • DDHA Phase 5 Sector F-1 files disposed of to investors
  • QMG Army Lands
  • International Investment Consortium (IIC).
  • Askari Bank
  • U Bank
  • HBL
  • ZTBL
  • NBP
  • Two Global Construction Companies from Spain
  • One Global Construction Company from Middle East



With the Grace of Almighty and with special thanks to our Contacts, that the Vizhan Investments has been quite successful in negotiating and finalizing some deals between different institutions, whether belonging to government or private sector, individual investors, monetary institutions and investment consortiums. Our deals are mainly focussed to implement win-win situation for the parties invloved.
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